Children's Ministry Helps Little Ones in Africa


Children at the Wheeling, WV SDA Church are helping save kids their own age in Africa. For many children in the world, reaching their fifth birthday is a miracle. Worldwide, more than 26,000 children under the age of five die each day, mostly from contaminated water, malnutrition, and diseases for which affordable vaccines are available.

To help save lives, Wheeling children joined the ADRA’s $1=$4 child survival matching program last year and raised $180.79 over 3 months. ADRA matched the amount donated with grant monies so that each dollar raised was multiplied and became four dollars. In all, because of this small group’s efforts, ADRA can deliver more than $720 worth of medical supplies and vaccinations to countries such as Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Today, ADRA is working in sub-Saharan Africa, where immunization rates are very low. Workers are also training mothers in health and nutrition, sanitation, and mosquito net use for children. Not only do gifts to ADRA’s Child Survival Program fund lifesaving projects, but they help the prayers of thousands of mothers come true.

The children had a unique way of showing how much money they had collected. For each dollar donated, they colored a cupcake to represent another birthday celebrated by an African child. Helping to give another year of life to boys and girls on the other side of the world has blessed the Wheeling children and reminded them how important every child is to God.