Wheeling Youth Group Hosts Dinner

The Wheeling congregation’s youth group hosted “A Night Out” on March 3, 2018, with more than 40 people in attendance.  Members, along with their family and friends, were invited to a dinner prepared and served entirely by the youth. 

Under the guidance of Bridgett Lewis, they organized the night as a fundraiser to help furnish the newly created youth room.  They planned the menu, decorated the fellowship hall, cooked, served, and cleaned up afterward.  The dinner was free.  However, members were encouraged to tip their youth waiters and waitresses for a job well done.

“The night was a great success, and the kids just did an amazing job!” Lewis exclaims.  “They were excited to take on such a big project and had so much fun doing it.  Some of them even invited other friends to help that night.”

Longtime member Donna Buchanan was delighted with the evening and claimed that not only was the food delicious, but the service was very professional and courteous as well.

“My husband and I have been members for more than 35 years, and this was the first time the youth have hosted a dinner,” she added.  “It’s wonderful to see our young ones stepping up and leading with activities like this.  They’re the future of our church, and we want to continue to encourage their ideas and enthusiasm.”

Once dinner was served and plates cleared, everyone enjoyed a fun-filled game night.  Groups of all ages were combined on teams to play rounds of Family Feud.   Youth group co-leaders and chefs for the night, Andrew Garvick and Logan Ritchea, were encouraged with a successful evening. 

“It was great to see all our members take time to support us,” they agreed.  “We couldn’t believe it when the tips were counted, and we had raised $415!  It shows us that they’re really interested in the youth and our contribution to the church.”

After the group returns a tithe on their earnings, they will be making additions to the youth room, where they hold meetings every Tuesday evening for worship, songs and fun activities.