Wheeling Youth Celebrate Our Risen Savior

The Wheeling youth department held a resurrection worship service on Sabbath, March 31, 2018.  The congregation was invited to step back in time 2,000 years ago to the foot of an old rugged cross as the youth and their Sabbath School teachers performed a powerful and dynamic Christian drama entitled A Picture of Calvary, written by Sandi Zimmerman Rebert.  

The performers brought to life Biblical characters surrounding the crucifixion story as they described their relationship with Jesus and how each one responded to seeing Him die that day.  Having only one prop to signify who each was, they placed their individual props at the cross on the stage.  In the end, the scarlet shawl positioned on the cross by Mary Magdalene was draped over all the props and replaced by a white headscarf worn by Mary, Mother of Jesus.

To conclude the service, the audience was asked where they saw themselves in the picture and to consider what character they were most like.  After an appeal to accept the free gift of salvation offered by Jesus and to allow Him to change their lives forever, the congregation was invited to a fellowship meal to continue the celebration of our Risen Savior!