Wheeling Hosts Lay Advisory


On Sunday, February 25th, the Wheeling and Weirton churches were honored to host the Mountain View Seventh-day Adventist Lay Advisory delegates.  Elder Mike Hewitt, newly elected president of Mountain View Conference, gave the devotion and shared the importance of Total Member Involvement.  We now understand that TMI is NOT “Too Much Information” in this instance, but an initiative addressing the issue of not enough member participation.  Elfie Edwards, president of Lay Advisory, conducted the sharing portion of the meeting.  She thanked Elder Hewitt for the Conference involvement and indicated that MVC is one of a few conferences that supports Lay Advisory.  She explained that it is critical for the individual members of remote locations to interact with the conference and share in the various aspects of a rapidly growing movement of spreading the good news of our Lord’s soon return. 

An elaborate luncheon was served by the warmth of a fireplace in the fellowship hall.  The ambiance created a delightful atmosphere, and the visiting delegates were in awe of the massive cake welcoming them to our district.  Edwards was encouraged and stated that never before was a Lay Advisory meeting so well attended, nor supported with such a large offering. 

Lay Advisory is extremely important as it coordinates the individuals, their local churches and the conference in transparency, which builds confidence.  It also allows delegates to share the outreach and evangelistic activities in their local congregations and gives the opportunity for new ideas and encouragement on spreading the gospel.


-Submitted by Naomi Tricomi, Ministerial Assistant


Click here to meet Elder Mike Hewitt.