Wheeling Blessed with Baptisms


The Wheeling Church has recently been blessed with four baptisms and one profession of faith, including a family of three generations - a grandfather, father, and son. 

Bob Reynolds, the patriarch of a close-knit family, had first attended a small, one-room Seventh-day Adventist church built over top of a creek in Cameron, WV, when he was a child.  He was baptized at 17 after attending a series of evangelistic meetings, but with life duties of marriage, raising two sons and earning a living, he found that the church and God faded into the background.  After diving back into the Bible and various studies, though, he was reconvinced of Sabbath truth.

Bob’s son, Fred, found himself searching at the same time as his father.  Fred attended different churches with his grandparents.  However, as happens to many others, he hit some rough times and pulled away.  Fred experienced other churches basing their beliefs on tradition, and he struggled because he knew the Sabbath truth, so he called up his father and asked if he wanted to go to the Wheeling SDA Church the next day.

“When I came here, I found that people are accepted for who they are and where they are spiritually.  And that has made all the difference!” declared Reynolds. 

Fred was baptized on the same Sabbath that Bob rejoined the church through profession of faith.  Logan Ritchea, Fred’s son, felt ready to take that step in his life as well and was also baptized that day.

Joe Garcia attended the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a child in Cameron and in Wheeling during the 1960s and 70s.  Because his father was in the Navy and they frequently moved, he attended various other churches.  After his baptism in May of 1981 in Wheeling, Joe found himself in and out of the SDA church for many years.  But in August of 2017, he called the church and left a message that would ultimately bring him back for good.

“Pastor Larry called, and I said I’d like to meet with him and talk,” Garcia remembered.  “He asked me when, and I said that whenever he had some free time.  He said he could be there in 15 minutes!” 

Joe decided to give his life and heart to Jesus and be rebaptized.  The church celebrated as they welcomed him back with wide open arms.

Sheila Powell, the most recent to be baptized, watched Joe’s baptism and knew right then she wanted to make that commitment as well.  She was raised primarily Presbyterian but visited many different churches after her mother became ill.  Sheila had been invited by her cousin, Bob Reynolds, to the fall evangelistic series in Wheeling and became convinced of Bible truth. 

“I’m so glad I decided to be baptized.  It has given me the chance to become closer to God,” Powell explained. 

These recent additions to the Wheeling congregation prove that others can be led to truth with just one step of faith.



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