Christmas Program 2016

The youth and young adults hosted a Christmas program, The Greatest Gift, on Saturday, December 17, 2016.  The evening included congregational hymns, scripture readings, PowerPoint presentations, and musical ensembles. 

Throughout the evening, members and guests were presented with five gifts bestowed on us from God, including a gift so precious and so wonderful, the apostle Paul could only describe it as God’s “indescribable gift!”
One by one, each gift bearer read the meaning of their precious gift and then placed their wrapped present in front of the manger.  The first gift brought forth was the gift of love.  God’s unconditional and everlasting love was the first gift He ever gave to mankind.  Next was the gift of God’s Word, which is truly spirit and life.  The Bible shows us of our Savior’s humble beginnings and how He brought Himself from the majesty of heaven to the lowliness of earth to save us from our sins.
The third gift was joy and peace.  Just as the angels, shepherds, and wise men rejoiced the night our Savior was born, we continue that excitement even today.  God has also granted access to divine peace to all of His children from the beginning of time.  Next was the gift of worship.  God invites all of us to enter into His presence so that we can experience His love, His grace, and His power.  But this gift of worship does more than just warm our hearts – it changes our lives!
Finally, of all the wonderful gifts God has given us, the greatest gift of all was the gift of His Son – Jesus Christ. The priceless gift of salvation reveals our worth to the Almighty God.  For Him to give us Jesus means we are worth more than we can ever imagine!
The audience was also blessed with the reading of two poems entitled My Present to Jesus by Ken Leath and The Indescribable Gift by Roy Lessin.  The evening’s program concluded with a candlelight ceremony and a reception.