Wheeling Seventh-day Adventist Church
110 S Park St
Wheeling, WV, 26003-5937

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We welcome all people of all backgrounds to our church.
Please visit us at 110 South Park Street in Wheeling, WV. 
We would love to meet you! 

Our Worship Services are on Saturday mornings:

Sabbath School- Primary, Junior, Youth, Adult:
Sabbath Worship Service:
11:00 AM - approximately 12:30PM
Bible Study and Prayer Meeting
Wednesdays, 6:30 PM

Thank-you for visiting, and please have a look around!


Wheeling Seventh-day Adventist Church
110 South Park Street
Wheeling, WV 26003
Pastor Linden St. Clair
Announcing ... 
            Life Unlimited!    
Have you ever felt "burnt" by church or by "church" people?

A radically different, non-religious, LIFE IMPROVEMENT series based on the misunderstood teachings of Jesus.
Jesus' teachings were radically different than any of today's modern religions, including some of the traditional teachings of modern Christianity.

   Would you like to learn how to:
  • Experience Vibrant Health including how to quickly and easily lose weight and keep it off?
  • Experience the calming of your own Financial storms and no longer have to stress over money  worries?
  • Experience tremendous spiritual fulfillment without having to commit intellectual suicide and without the baggage of today's religions?
Church history reveals that the teachings of Jesus "have not been tried and found wanting. They have been found difficult and left untrield." -- G.K. Chesterton

If you find yourself drawn to the teachings of Jesus, but put off by religion or by church this series is for you!

Saturday's Topic: You Can Be Financially Free and Taking Your First Step To A Brand New Life!

"Amazing! Like nothing I've ever experienced before. Unique! There's nothing like this series out there." - Attendee, Az

"Truly a series that crosses denominational lines, the boundaries of all religions, as well as the barriers of every culture. My life will never be the same!" - Attendee, Wa

Upcoming Events
Prayer Mtg./Bible Study - Sep 28, Wed 6:30 PM
Business Meeting - Oct 12, Wed 7:30 PM
Fellowship Meal - Oct 15, Sat 12:30 PM